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Are you facing an unexpected pregnancy—wondering if you should abort? Or have you already had an abortion, but you’re still reeling from the pain and seeking healing from abortion? We’re glad you’re here. At Garden of Hope ministry, we walk alongside women who are considering abortion or have already chosen to abort. We know these circumstances can be scary, lonely, overwhelming. But no matter how desperate your present situation, we believe there’s hope for your future. And we can help you find it.

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I'm Pregnant

Just a few days ago, life was normal.

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I Had an Abortion

It was supposed to be the best option, a choice that would let you move on.

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Men & Abortion

Once your life has intersected with abortion, the pain is unsettling.

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Need to talk?

Have questions or simply want to request some assistance or advice? If you’re in the chaos of an unexpected pregnancy, or you’re searching for ways to deal with the pain of an abortion, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll listen. We’ll pray. We’ll help you find the assistance you need so you can move forward with hope. Your safety is a priority to us: Please be assured that any information you share is confidential and will never be redistributed.

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