Who We Are:

We are a ministry that offers encouragement and support to women who are considering an abortion, or who have already had an abortion. We believe that life can bring blessing and joy—even in the midst of immediate crisis or past regrets. So we walk alongside women on the scary journey of unplanned pregnancy, always offering them hope.

What We Do:

For those who face unplanned pregnancy: We help women who are confused and upset about their future, encouraging them to realize that their heart is big enough to accept the life of their child.

We do this through sidewalk counseling outside a local abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, MI, offering assistance and prayer when needed, and connecting women with additional resources that can make choosing life possible.

For those who’ve already aborted: We give encouragement and love to women who are struggling with a past abortion. Knowing that many women have deep and hidden wounds from this choice, we offer support and a path toward healing and hope.

We accomplish this through our counseling ministry, offering post-abortion Bible studies and retreats at our location in Grand Rapids, MI, and linking those outside our geographic area with post-abortion resources in their own communities. We also offer a Garden of Hope Memorial, a site where women can grieve, reflect, and heal from the loss of their child to abortion.

Our Mission:

Our ministry exists to bring help, hope, and healing to men and women who are in desperation from the effects of an unplanned pregnancy.

Our History:

Garden of Hope began as a simple prayer ministry in front of an abortion clinic in Grand Rapids, MI. Concerned individuals gathered on the sidewalk, not to block or harass, but simply to offer love, prayer, and assistance to the women who came to the clinic dealing with a crisis pregnancy.

In many ways, this is still the heart of our ministry. We always hope each woman who walks in the clinic doors will change her mind and choose life. And for those who are interested in our assistance, we connect them with the many resources available to pregnant women in West Michigan. But when women follow through with their abortion decision, we still want them to know they can come to us for prayer and support.

Fifteen years ago, concerned for the post-abortive women in our community, we established the Garden of Hope Memorial in Grand Rapids. It’s a beautiful physical space where women can seek peace and healing from the past.

More recently, in 2007, we were able to purchase the house next to the abortion clinic. It has been beautifully remodeled and serves as a prayer base for volunteers and sidewalk counselors. With its proximity to the clinic, we have a strategic place to offer alternatives to women who might be second-guessing their abortion decision. It also serves as a comfortable setting where we can offer post-abortive Bible studies and retreats to women who want to heal.

We believe that there’s hope for every woman—both those who face an unplanned pregnancy today, and those who regret the abortion choice they made in the past. And in all we do, we will continue to point women toward that healing truth.

need help now? call our 24/7 hotline: 616.307.6646