I had an abortion

One of our favorite words is “hope.” But for women who’ve experienced abortion, hope can seem impossible. The pain and guilt become overwhelming—sometimes you wonder how you’ll ever go on living a normal life. But your past choice doesn’t have to define you today. You can be forgiven, and you can live a good and honorable life. We know—because we’ve seen it happen time after time. Let us help you take your first step toward healing today.


One of the best ways to sort out your feelings about your abortion is to hear another post-abortive woman share from her heart. The situation that brought her to an abortion clinic may differ from yours, but what you experienced afterward will likely be the same. Check out stories from Denise and Michelle—our post-abortive counselors—and maybe you’ll find that there’s hope for your own journey too.

Denise’s Video

Michelle’s Story

Garden of Hope Memorial Garden

We know you’ll never forget the day of your abortion—and all the pain that went with it. That’s why we’ve created a physical space in Grand Rapids where women can bring their heartache. It was especially designed to remind you of the tender love and acceptance that Jesus offers. Whether you can visit it physically or you take a virtual peek, we hope you’ll experience the peace and forgiveness growing at our Garden of Hope.

Post-Abortion Resources

Guilt. Anxiety. Sadness. Sleeping problems. These feelings can choke the joy out of a woman’s life after she’s experienced abortion. And far too often, women struggle with these painful aftereffects alone.  But healing is possible.  And there are others who’ve been through this journey, ready to help you through it, too.  Here are some sites that can offer help and hope

Looking for a post-abortion support group in Grand Rapids, MI?

Surrendering the Secret

Is it difficult for you to talk about your abortion?  Shame and fear can literally keep a woman silent for decades after her abortion. But it doesn’t have to be a secret anymore. Surrendering the Secret is a group study that brings post-abortive women together and guides them toward emotional and spiritual healing. Author Pat Layton teaches from a compassionate heart, sharing from her own abortion experience.

Check out the material and look for a support group in your area at the sites below.

Need Help?

Need someone to listen? Or maybe you just want someone who can say a prayer for you? We’d love to help. Our post-abortion counselors, Denise and Michelle, have walked through the pain of abortion themselves. They are here to help. Just give them a call or text.

Denise: 616.340.1207

Michelle: 616.644.7317

need help now? call our 24/7 hotline: 616.307.6646