We know how hard it is. The fear of an unexpected pregnancy. The wondering if you’ll ever get your life back on track. The weight of past choices and the tears you try to hide. If we can offer one small hope, it’s this:

You are not the only one.

So many others have faced these struggles, and found a way to get through. Check out our stories of hope here—and know that we’re here to listen to your story too.

Elizabeth's Story

“Will my dad still love me when he knows?”

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Denise’s Story

“I knew what I was doing could end up getting me pregnant, but I thought I was invincible.”

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Michelle’s Story

Scared and under intense pressure by her boyfriend, Michelle chose to abort over twenty years ago. She still remembers the whirlwind of pain from that day…

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Bill's Story

“No amount of denial could make the long-lasting effects of the abortion go away.”

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